Kolping Microfinance Uganda Limited (KMF (U) LTD) was incorporated in October 2006 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and the guaranteeing body is Uganda Kolping Society (UKS). Uganda Kolping Society started Microfinance services in 1993 under a programme called "Women and Health" The Women and Health Programme started in 1991. This was an Australian funded programme that trained the community Health Workers. After the term of the Australian counterparts programme expired (1993), UKS replaced the programme with financial services but maintained the name "Women and Health". The programme only financed women projects/businesses.

In September 1995 the German Catholic Entrepreneurs' Association together with International Kolping Society (IKS) came into a joint venture and started the African Fund for Self Employment (AFOS) programme. The implementing partners of AFOS were the Kolping National Organization including UKS. This programme was run concurrently with the Women and Health programme under the direct supervision of UKS Management.

In 2002 AFOS wound up its business with UKS and became autonomous. This is when UKS started Kolping Entrepreneurs Development Programme (KMF (U) Ltd. in November 2002.

KMF (U) Ltd. was directly supervised by UKS Management and UKS Board of Directors until 27th April 2007 when it received a separate board nominated by UKS Board to manage the business on its behalf.

KMF has been operating in the names of Kolping Entrepreneurs' Development Programme [KEDEP (U) LTD. Through the rebranding process this name was changed on 27th May, 2016 to Kolping Microfinance Uganda Limited (KMF)

KMF (U) Ltd. offers micro finance and other financial services to its clients regardless of their sex, religion, race or marital status. In order to achieve its Vision, KMF (U) Ltd shall be guided by a Vision, Mission and specific Objectives.




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