Main Features

Loan amount: 100,000= – 20,000,000=

Loan Processing fee: 2% of the disbursed amount

Interest on loan: 3% per month on a reducing balance

Loan application and documentation 10,000=

Grace period - Nil

Loan Security Fund -

Loan period 1 – 24 months

Loan Insurance: 1% of the disbursed amount of loans up to 12 months 1.5% of loans up to 24 months

Loan Penalty 10% on all amounts due per month

Target Group:
a) Rural and urban households who do not have hydro-electricity
b) Urban households who have hydro- electricity but need a back-up system in case of power failure

Potential clients shall poses the following;
a) Own home/house
b) Source of income to repay the loan
c) Resident within KMF area of operation
d) Above 18 years of age
e) Have some form of identification (passport, Drivers license, National ID)

Contact KMF

KMF Location Kiryatete Kolping Building Rwentuha Road

KMF Phone Contacts +256 362 274 508, +256 392 831 482

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